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Discourse LLC 

Discourse LLC provides virtual surgical cases that teach and assess clinical decision-making. Our online scenarios allow medical students and residents to assess patients, make diagnoses, and exercise independent judgment in a risk-free environment.

Momentary Ink 

Founded in October of 2015 and based in Philadelphia, PA, Momentary Ink is the next-gen temporary tattoo company. Whether it’s to test-drive a future tattoo or enjoy a new accessory, we provide a “real” tattoo without the commitment thanks to our high-tech printing process and proprietary Real Teal matting solution.

Heads of State 

Heads of State are designers and illustrators for world class brands and lo-fi bands, entrepreneurs and raconteurs, cultural institutions and craftsmen alike work with them because of their inventive thinking, classic design sense, abundance of facial hair, and our honest approach to the business of image making.


Compass works with you every step of the way to make it easy and affordable to create and maintain your ideal website. They will help you plan everything you need to get started and set the price of your website. Collaborate one-on-one with a top designer to build a professional website you love. Once your website launches, they are here to help maintain it with updates and edits as you need them.

High Top Real Estate and Development

Hightop Real Estate & Development is a full service investment real estate company focused on the acquisition, development and management of commercial and residential real estate in the Greater Philadelphia region. Hightop and its partners have a combined 50+ years of commercial real estate acquisition, construction, leasing and development experience. 

MADE Institute moves in August 2017

MADE is an atelier and class series that shares the living tradition of fine sewing and couture techniques with Philadelphia students. Their classes are tailored to your experience, giving you all the tools and know-how you need to create beautiful things. They teach our students the right way to do things: the way of garments that are beautiful inside and out, perfectly-set sleeves, exquisite hand-sewn hems, balanced silhouettes and show-off finishes. Don’t be intimidated! If you are a human being, you can (and will!) learn the art of sewing here with MADE.

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